The Office?

More and more people are opting to work flexibly.  Many want to work hours that suit their children or just need some flexibility in their work life.  Transport and parking can be expensive and if you work in a city, traffic can take up far too much of your day.  If your business is just starting out, renting a permanent office space can be financially unfeasible.  These days, another way of working is emerging.  Going to the office from 9-5 is no longer the only way to work.  With technology and communication at our fingertips it’s now possible for more of us to work when and how it’s convenient for us – as long as we can find the right space.


While some are lucky enough to have office space at home where they have peace and quiet and good connectivity, others find their home is far from conducive to work.  You might end up working on the sofa and being constantly distracted by the phone/children/washing etc.  Others have to resort to the nearest cafe with free WiFi and a good phone signal.  There are downsides to both those options.

Flexible Office Space?

What you really need from flexible office space is:

  • something close to home, low cost with excellent broadband and phone signal
  • Easy to find with good coffee and clean toilets
  • Comfortable, well lit office space with desk and chair and access to private meeting spaces, large and small when you need it

It has all the benefits of an office.  You can focus on work without distractions while retaining total flexibility and freedom and keeping costs low.  The Nightingale Centre has all these things as well as helpful staff that will be there when you need them.  You can hire office space by the hour, by the day, or book it on a regular monthly basis.

On-demand office space as and when you need it.  Click here or call Gwen on 01508 495784 for more information.